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Threaded or Threadless?


Traditionally, scooters almost always used a threaded setup due to its ease of use and how cheap it is. It’s very lightweight and there’s fewer parts used here so it’s often as simple as tighten up and go without much need for tuning.  However this can mean a clunky set up that often won’t feel as ‘dialed’ as a properly set up threadless system. 

Threadless systems come in a variety of styles, SCS, ICS and HIC. Each of which has its own benefits. In general, these types of set up are much stronger and longer lasting than the threaded counterpart. They offer much more ability to tune everything to exactly how you like things and maintain a smoother, tighter feel at the front end.


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100mm, 110mm or 120mm?


100mm wheels are what come as standard on most scooters and they’re usually the cheapest to buy later on. These are the slowest rolling and least smooth ride of all the wheels, although they can still go pretty fast with a good set of bearings. Most often used in tighter, more technical parks where picking up speed isn’t as important as control.

110mm wheels are becoming more popular as the sport progresses. Although they are heavier and give you a slightly more sluggish turn, these wheels provide a substantially smoother ride than 100mm wheels. Due to the extra length of circumference, they will also maintain speed better and roll faster with less effort. For the same reason they also last slightly longer.  Most likely to be used as a park wheel with some flatland/street use.

120mm wheels are the new wheels on the block. They have come about due to rising popularity of 110mm wheels and are simply a bigger, better version. Though sluggish in corners, marginally heavier and more expensive than the others, these are easily the smoothest ride and fastest rolling wheels with barely any effort. Durability is unmatched and the large wheel design gives you an awesome look on the scooter. You really get what you pay for here! These are a 50/50 street and park wheel- a wheel all-rounder!

Do make sure that your scooter can take this size wheel before purchasing as many older scooters will not be able to accommodate the larger diameter.

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